Central Membrane Air Bag: The Press Choice for Winemakers

Della Toffola knows what every winemaker knows: oxidation is bad for wine quality. For white wine the main culprits are oxidases, those nasty little enzymes lurking in grape skins. As long as they are locked away in healthy, intact berries, they can’t cause harm. But as soon as they break out, they run amok, catalysing oxidative reactions which spoil fruit flavour and ruin juice and wine colour. The longer they keep at it, the more damage they do.

You can try to limit the damage oxidases do by minimising the availability of oxygen molecules for them to hijack. By using inert gas covers, for example. But as long as they are still in the juice, they’ll cause mischief whenever they get a chance, whenever they find some oxygen.

Even with careful use of inert gas, more oxygen inevitably sneaks in somewhere. During racking, and even through tiny leaks in hoses and fittings, for examples. That’s why smart winemakers try to separate juice from the skins with the least possible damage to the skins, and as quickly as possible. Prevention is better than cure.

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