Cleaning and sanitising terracotta amphorae

Cleaning and sanitising are two delicate phases of the maintenance of terracotta jars which those who have chosen to make and refine wine in amphorae, have to contend with regularly. Since these phases have different characteristics depending on the type lining used on the inside wall of the jars, we asked for advice on the […]

Bottling, labelling & packaging equipment solutions

Backed by an industry-leading, servicing and spare parts division, Australian & New Zealand Winemakers has developed strong relationships with some of the world’s most reliable manufacturers and suppliers of a wide range of wine processing equipment, including bottling, labelling and packaging solutions of all capacities. All enquiries welcome -> email: or call (03) 9924-4060 […]

Batlow CiderFest

Batlow CiderFest is a two day event featuring the Cider Industry Conference and InCiders Happy Hour on Friday 15th May, followed by the CiderFest Street Festival on Saturday 16th May, 2015. We will be part of the Conference proceedings this year, with our very Josephine Horn holding a “Processing innovations and trends in cider production” […]