Grape Sorting and Washing Lines - Della Toffola

Grape Sorting and Washing Lines - Della Toffola Image
The new grape sorting lines are used to facilitate the manual grape sorting process required before the grapes are crushed or pressed: this has become increasingly necessary and important to companies seeking to achieve the best quality for their wines.

These lines are particularly suitable for:
- automatically spreading and levelling the grapes on a at surface to make it quicker and
easier for operators on either side of the line to complete the manual sorting process;
- manually separating the mass of grapes from leaves, branches, bunches containing
grapes that are damaged or show signs of anthracnose, stalks, etc.
The sorting lines are modular, with a great variety of devices to choose from to suit different needs, e.g
- grape washing and drying tunnels
- vibrating dosing units
- sorting benches with PVC conveyor belts
- stainless steel vibrating sorting benches
- elevator belts
- grape destemmers - crushers
- roller crushers
- mohno or peristaltic pumps