Red Vinification Plunger

Red Vinification Plunger  Image
Immersion paddle system for producing top-quality wines without an additional rotary drive!

The lifting cylinder is powered by compressed air. During the immersion movement, the moving blades of the paddle push down on the must and immerse part of the pomace in a horizontal position. During the upwards emerging movement, the paddles tilt to 45°, so that the lateral pressure from the pomace automatically rotates the paddle a little further, causing it to emerge in a different location (the paddle is "screwed" upwards through the pomace). This means that the pomace is always submerged in a different position. This process is based on traditional must fermentation - the old practice of breaking up/submerging/stirring the must manually with a paddle. The rotation corresponds to the displacement of the masher. The rotary movement allows the surfaces of the paddle to be kept small, without having an effect on the quality of the must treatment. Consequently, less force is required to submerge the paddle. The electro-pneumatic control unit can adapt interval and pause times to current requirements on an individual basis.