LIVERANI - Must/Liquid Pumps

LIVERANI - Must/Liquid Pumps Image
Flexible impeller pump used for the transfer and recirculation of must, juice or wine.

- Wide range of models with varying outputs available
- Self-priming (automatic priming of the product up to 6 m even from dry start-up).
- Reversible operation (the pump can operate in both rotation directions, which permits return of
excess liquid without any manual intervention, and also allows easy emptyng on completion of liquid
- Excellent priming action even at a low revolutions, which allows the transfer of soft and fragile fluids with viscosities up to 50.000 cp, or with solid particles in suspension, without causing air-locking, avoiding emulsifying or damaging particles.
- Smooth steady pumping action of the product without pressure spikes (even flow rate ideal for filling, dosing or filtration).
- The pump can work in all mounting positions.
- Stainless steel trolley and pump casing.
- Silicon impeller with indent design allows liquid to circulate around each end of the impeller – aids
lubrication and cooling, reducing wear and overheating.
- Drive shaft moulded in one piece with the impeller, reducing the possibility of impeller wear.
- Easy access to the impeller by simply removing the front cover plate, this aids ease of cleaning
- Single and three phase units available.