Round and Oval Casks - Garbellotto

Round and Oval Casks - Garbellotto Image
We can custom build casks from 10 to 300 hl and over, both round and oval in standard size or in sizes specifically requested by our clients.

Made in Italy by some of the finest materials, these casks are curved using direct fire unless otherwise requested by our clients and then we carry out (on request) a special delicate toasting to sweeten the bouquet. Both the fire curving and the toasting are done at controlled temperature and humidity levels to obtain the best, tested and constant aromatic result.

The staves are curved evenly from end to end, without weakening them at the belly which would facilitate the curving. This ensures the thickness of the stave is the same all along.
This curving technique allows us to make casks that are more solid because most of the force is on the belly longer lasting as wine containers because there is more wood and so more aromatic substances are given to the wine that can be regenerated by taking away 5-8mm of thickness to renew the discarge. The only way to guarantee the perfect holding power of both ends of the cask is by bending them with a double arch so they resemble sections of a large sphere. This double curving is needed for the 15 hl casks and over because otherwise the ends would deform causing warping and irreparable leakage. This system also avoids having to make useless supports like the costly crossbars typical of techniques which have been surpassed.

All the casks then go through a double strict control procedure, first with steam then with water to check the exact capacity and ensure they are perfectly watertight. The finishing touches include internal and external planing followed by external sand-papering. Considering the long period the casks have to stay in the cellars, which are damp and septic places, the wood, without appropriate protection, would be an easy target for germs which could cause moulding and rotting etc. It is therefore essential that the wood is coated with a protective varnish that does not limit the transpiration of the pores and at the same time protects the wood against micro-organisms. We therefore apply a special natural transpirable varnish to our casks which protects them from moulding, then a red strip is painted around the end of the staves so the wood is protected at its most delicate point, i.e. where the fibres are interrupted and uncovered.

Standard accessories:
• A small wooden door at the front end made out of one prestigious central stave.
• Stainless steel valve fixed to the door with a choice of attachments and sizes.
• Stainless steel wine-tasting spoon fixed to the centre of the front end.
• Tannic or resinous wooden support resistant to humidity.
• Glass or silicone stopper for upper hole.