550, 750 AND 1000 LITRE SMALL CASKS Image
These are the fruit of our collaborators in order to rationalise the use of the normal “tonneaux“ in wine cellars. They combine the convenience of the large casks with the refining speed of 5-700 litre barrels. They join the simple and effective building technique of the common tonneaux together with the more convenient accessories of the large casks like the small door, the valves etc. this facilitates use and cleaning because they do not need to be moved.

They are built with two types of staves: split or sawn in quarters of 40-45 mm with bottoms sawn in quarters of 55 mm. The staves are curved with direct fire using pieces of seasoned oak to avoid aromatic interference. They are then toasted in conditions of controlled humi- dity levels, slowly and delicately to ensure the maximum aromatic efflux from the wood. Toasting can be light, medium, medium-strong and strong. The narrowly-spaced hooping with top quality galvanised phosphorated iron complete the building of the barrels. Internal and external planning and sand-papering give the finishing touches and make them easy to clean and splendid to see. A special natural transpirable varnish may be applied on request, which protects the barrel from excessive humidity.

Standard accessories:
• A small wooden door (on request make from one prestigious central stave at the front end).
• Stainless steel valve fixed to the door with a choice of attachments and sizes.
• Stainless steel wine-tasting spoon fixed to the centre of front end. Tannic or resinous wooden support resistant to humidity.
• Silicone stopper for upper hole.

On request:
• Stainless steel AISI 304 Front Door.
• Stainless steel AISI 316 Lupper Closing door.
• Stainless steel AISI 304 Discharging unit.