We can make conical trunk vats from 10 to 200 hl. and on request up to 600 hl.+ for wine-making, storing, refining, distilling, vinegar or other uses. We give a slight curving using direct fire to the vats, technically called “bombè“ so the hoops are always perfectly watertight thus avoiding the long-term sagging of the stave. On request we can also toast the vats at controlled temperature and humidity levels. The narrowly spaced hooping with top quality galvanised phosphorated iron complete the building on the vats. All the vats go through two strict control procedures, the first with steam then with water to verify the exact capacity and perfect hold.

Internal and external planning sand-papering and the application of a special natural transparent, transpirable varnish on the wood and the red strip painted around the end of the upper stave give the finishing touches. Finally the relative accessories are installed depending on whether the vat is used for fermentation, storing or industrial usage.

In recent years we have had a notable increase in the request for vats for fermentation because the convenient stainless steel accessories can be used either for the fermentation or for the refining and storing of the wines. During fermentation, the anti-oxidising effect of the tannin combined with the micro-oxygenisation of the wood brings about a more limpid production of wine or grape must with a more stable aroma and colour.

Standard accessories:
• Upper drainage cover in 18/10 AISI 316 stainless steel, diameter from 400 to 1,200 mm, with central hole for filling up or 22 cm diameter high pressure flue and release valve.
• Stainless steel door opening outwards fixed to lower end of stave towards the bottoms of the vat.
• Stainless steel valve for partial drainage and stainless steel pipes for full drainage complete with valve in whatever size or attachment desired.
• Stainless steel sash door as the bottom end for complete and easy drainage of marc.
• Thermal-conditioning pipes with polished stainless steel plate, proportionate to the size of the vat.
• Digital or mechanical thermometer and regulation ladder-rest.
• Suitable 30 cm high wooden supports.

Special accessories on request:
• Asterisk tubes for “delestage”.
• Freestanding supports in stainless steel, 70 cm from
the ground.
• Automatic reassembling or wine-pressing units.

On request we can build simpler and much less costly open vats, either conical trunk or vase-shape, usable only for small amounts at the fermentation stage of wine-making.