These containers are easier to build than the casks as they have just one curving on the staves. Nevertheless particular attention is needed at both the manufacturing stage and in the choice of wood used. There are always two species of wood but they are taken from the trunk in two different ways: fine-grain split oak for the smaller barriques from 225 up to 350 lt. and 550 to 750 lt. for the larger ones. Both types of wood come from the best forests in Europe, France (Allier, Never, Vosges, etc.) Slavonia, Bosnia and Balkans. Stave curving is carried out with direct fire using pieces of seasoned oak to avoid aromatic interference followed by a slow delicate toasting in conditions of controlled humidity to ensure the maximum aromatic efflux from the wood. Toasting can be light, medium, medium strong and strong. The tops and bottoms of the barrels are usually toasted separately and then assembled.

The toasting of the tops and bottoms is very important to get a uniform aromatic discarge from the whole barrel. Six narrowly spaced hoops made of top quality galvanised and phosphorated iron complete the construction of the barrels. Internal and external planing and sand-papering, which makes cleaning easier and makes the barrels look splendid, give the finishing touches.

Standard accessories:
• Silicon stopper for upper hole
• Square wooden support

Barrels can be fitted with special accessories and a natural transpirable varnish which protects them from humidity can be applied on request.