Garbellotto Experience®

Garbellotto Experience® Image
Experience® is the latest creation by Garbellotto, and the result of combining their experience and the observations from the expert winemaker Roberto Cipresso, during his research in the experimental Winecircus cellars.

The name is given by the dual meaning of the term “experience”, as a recollection of past actions and also the exploration of new ideas. The aim pursued by the project is to offer the company an instrument able to interpret the changes that occur in time in the vine, using adequate winemaking strategies, and therefore able to provide the market with an expert answer. For that to happen, it is essential that the careful observation and understanding of the properties of the raw materials goes hand in hand with agile and practical experimentation, without stealing time and space form the primary winemaking processes.

It has a capacity of 1,000 litres, so that winemakers who traditionally use wooden barrels for fermenting can get used to it gradually, and, at the same time, those who normally use barriques have a more practical instrument that guarantees the same oenological result.
The truncated cone shape, designed so that the height is no higher than 100 cm and is less than the width, has an effect on the floating force contemplated by Archimedes’ principle, blocking the thrust upwards of the cap. The cap remains immersed aided by the welded grid to a threaded bar at the centre of the base, so that the majority of the fulling process is eliminated. The top is made from mirror polished AISI 18/10 stainless steel, with handles to open it and a central hole for filling up.
During fermentation, this top can be completely removed to enable more practical processing with an opening of 120 cm.

Experience® also has steel supports so that forklift trucks and transpallets can be used, for easy handling and lifting. These supports are firmly fixed to the wooden structure, so that the automatic tipping system can be used to empty the container directly into the press. There is an additional accessory formed of a cushion made from food-use plastic which is filled with water, meaning that Experience® can also be used as a press.

It is constructed using slats and quarter chaff of 55 mm, available in the best quality oak from the most valuable European forests in Slavonia and France, which is naturally seasoned outside for at least eight months per each centimetre of thickness. On request other types of precious wood are available.

External measurements of Experience ® da 1,000 l:
lat length: 100 cm
Maximum diameter: 130 cm
Thickness of working wood: 55 mm for slats and bottoms.

On request, Experience® can be made larger.