Artenova Terracotta Amphora

Artenova Terracotta Amphora Image
Artenova amphorae are all handcrafted from Tuscan clay. The benefits of the amphorae are that, unlike wooden barrels, terracotta has no flavour of its own so imparts nothing to the wine. It does though, like oak, have the advantage of offering some form of micro-porosity enabling the wine to breathe. These units also come with stainless steel lids so post-fermentation they can also be used as a secure storage vessel. Since the days of Ancient Greece man has used clay vessels for storing wine. Terracotta amphorae, arriving with the Greeks and widely distributed in Italy by the Etruscans, were the first true containers for fermented grape juice. The extraordinary thermal insulation capacity of Terracotta is that which forms the natural pathway closely linking it to wine, and the clay from Impruneta, with its distinctive and now famous chemical and physical characteristics, allows for the perfect storage of wine. The amphorae have been endowed with special airtight caps enabling the complete isolation of the wine from oxygen.

The inner lining of the amphorae, made from natural elements such as beeswax, forms a barrier preventing the loss of wine to the outside. Today we aim to revive what has been one of the oldest techniques for storing wine in human history, to give birth to a new harmonious balance between wine and nature. Artenova has decided to further investigate this interesting experimentation of the possibilities connecting the Terracotta of Impruneta and wine, by putting into production a series of handmade vessels crafted in the traditional way but at the same time designed for professional use through the advice of various experts.

Available in 200, 500 or 800 litre sizes