Socma - The Cube

Socma - The Cube Image
The Vibrating Destemmer - 

The system is completely unique to the market. It achieves the most gentle destemming of the harvest, taking the berries from the stems with the least damage to the composition of the grapes.
The machine is made up out of flexible destemming fingers which form a vertical passage for the bunches. These flexible fingers with the help of the vibration, detach the berries from the stalks and both fall onto the vibrating table with the adjustable screen. The green matter is separated by the conveyor of the Viniclean, and the berries are recovered without the unwanted MOG.

Its Advantages :
More consideration for the matter that stands in the way of good winemaking. 
Greater simplicity which limits the risk of break downs. 
A smaller size which allows better integration in the grape intake. 
Easier to clean to reduce water use and labour.