Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What happens if I have problems with my equipment?

A:  It is very rare for you to experience technical problems with our equipment, but on the off chance you do we have a highly experienced team of technicians available for servicing and repair across Australia and New Zealand. Additionally, we also have a specialist Della Toffola technician who has been with the company for over eleven years.


Q: How will I know the equipment I am ordering is the best for my needs?

A:  Our sales and technical teams have over 50 years collective experience in the wine industry, with all of them have spent time as winemakers or working in wineries. This experience means our team know how to match the best equipment and technology to your winemaking needs. You will notice when you call us, we ask you a lot of questions about your setup as it enables us to select the most appropriate product(s) for your needs.  We also have a vast range of equipment to select from and in most cases, able to supply to your exact specifications.


Q:  Can I get longer legs on my crusher?

A: As a company with almost 50 years of operational experience, we have built direct relationships with our suppliers and manufacturers, allowing us to build to your exact specifications.


Q:  What sort of delivery time can I expect on orders?

A:  We hold a small range of the most basic pieces of equipment, which depending on your location, can generally be delivered within a few days. As we understand that each winery and winemakers is unique, we like to ensure that for larger items are tailored to your exact specifications.  We have the relationships and supply channels to enable us to tailor equipment to your exact needs, and as a number of our suppliers are based in Europe, these orders can take up to 12 weeks or longer. Due to these commercial realities, we encourage early ordering, but will always do our best to get equipment to you as soon as possible.


Q: Can I see your equipment operating in any wineries?

A: Yes, we have been supplying equipment to wineries in Australia and New Zealand since 1966, and thus have many working relationships with many types of wineries and winemakers. These wineries range from the likes of Giaconda Estate to Casella and we are more than happy put you in touch with a winery in your area who will be happy to discuss our products.


Q: Can I order all my winery supplies from you?

A: We are in the unique position to be able to supply a complete and wide range of equipment and supplies including crushers, destemmers, tanks, oak barrels and casks, vats, presses, pumps, hoses, fittings, conveyors, additives, amphorae, eggs and bottling lines. Additionally, we are constantly acquiring new and unique winemaking equipment and supplies from across the world, so feel free to call us to discuss your wish list.